“You are what you eat”

Drummed into us growing up, as adults we rapidly come to the realization that the sooner we accept this fact of life, the quicker we are able to build healthier, better and happier lifestyles.

At Moni’s Healthy Choice we remove the destructive ingredients, replacing them with natural nutritional alternatives. No added sugar, no artificial flavours, no artificial colouring and when necessary no gluten. What we do leave in is lots of taste in large measure. Enjoy healthy eating all day.


A range of flavour options combining seeds, nuts and fruits carefully measured to provide you with a natural boost to maintain your activity levels throughout the day.


A nutritious way to compliment a hard training session, assisting with muscle recovery and reintroducing key nutrients into your body. Only the highest class of whey protein is used, avoiding soya protein that can cause digestive problems for some people.


Flavorsome options for those all-important in-between periods that require a healthy and wholesome snack, allowing you to avoid junk food. The body requires continuous sustenance, especially as part of a healthy and active daily program.


We developed a wonderful alternative to sweet puddings, made of chia seeds, rice/almond milk and our very own special natural recipe for jam and granola. A great way to start your day for breakfast or as a delightful end to a meal.


A favorite option for breakfast, desserts and in-between meals snack. Unfortunately most store bought granolas are riddled with added sugars, saturated fats and preservatives. We have developed our own range of yummy irresistible crunchy granolas that you can use for your desserts or just simply enjoy with your choice of milk any time of day.


Who doesn’t enjoy a warm toasted slice of bread with your favorite spread? Having researched a whole host of grains traditionally used for baking bread, we have come up with a few delicious options that are based on quinoa. We incorporated a range of herbs and natural flavours to deliver a super flavour and accompanied with our natural jam makes for lovely comfort food eating.


The ‘Lost Ark’ of all day snacks. Just what you need to snack on at home, in the office and anywhere your fancy takes you. A variety of sweet and savory flavours combining a mix of super seeds for when you’re feeling peckish.


An old classic favourite reworked and revitalised the Moni’s way. A comforting mix of wholesome oats, honey and rice milk. Better still, add one of the choices of the sweet toppings of either fruits or raisins.


How many of us crave cookies and refrain because of all the naughty ingredients we want to avoid. Moni’s has baked a range of deliciously crumbly cookies, all made with nutritious and vitality filled ingredients. Enjoy.


Not many things trigger in us a sense of warmth and comfort more than the smell and taste of a deliciously baked cake. Sugar, wheat and fats however place a damper on our desire to indulge in many baked goods. Moni’s has developed a range of cakes that are comfortingly tantalizing, yet stuffed full of nutritional goodness.


We all love to spread something delicious on a warm toasted slice of bread. Moni’s brings to you the first in a range of spreads, made to satisfy your desire for taste with healthy ingredients. Jams and nutty spreads will liven up your slice of bread.


Moni’s has taken some of its lovely range and combined them to make the utterly delicious parfaits. Starting with a variety of different flavored creamy Chia Puddings and then topped with Moni’s wonderful shortbread, Moni’s fruity raspberry jam, Cinnamon Crunch Granola and low fat yoghurt.