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All I can say is wow , wow , and wow again, I have tried a little of everything you delivered and I cannot tell you how truly delicious each and every mouthful has been. As someone who has suffered for many many years from a terrible craving for sugar your treats are the perfect antidote to conquering those cravings without sugar, they would literally be a saviour when that overwhelming chemical imbalance strikes and I find my craving for sugar almost like that of an addicts .. It is truly an overwhelming physical craving against which I feel powerless to resist. You are like an alchemist with what you have created ..a magician who has found a very clever way to release those of us bound by sugar addiction from the negative physical cycle we feel compelled to take.

What a pleasure to eat something that satisfies those cravings without poisoning our bodies .. I applaud you.

Sarah B

I always like to keep on hand light bites for days I workout a little later in the morning or if I have to run out of the door too early. Today Moni’s Healthy Choice saved the day!

Sarah A

Keep it up Moni, you are inspiring many people out there, keeping us well nourished without evil refined sugar and keeping us strong from within. ????????❤️??❤️??.
The world shines a little bit brighter with people like you in it.


What a divine looking food Monica…worth a trip to Abu Dhabi to sample them all…Well done.
J Parker
I adore all your healthy recipes and look forward to a BOOK being published??