We’re well into summer and Moni’s thought it a good idea to give you some tips on how to stay on the health track while travelling till we all go back to our routines in September.

A few of us out there are not to fond of plane food. Moni’s always packs some provisions before flying, an appropriate amount for either a short or long-haul flight.

A few suggestions from our range:

Creamy Chia pudding, Oat pudding, Granola or Moni’s Crackers.

Lunch or Dinner
Moni’s quinoa salad, avocado.

All day snacks
Energy bars and balls, dried fruits and nuts.

Always bring a few tea bags of your favourite herbal beverage and a flask on board. Simply ask the crew for a cup of boiling water and enjoy a drink that will hydrate, relax you and not fill you with any toxins.

Always pack a pair of trainers and lightweight fitness clothing wherever you go, allowing you to maintain physical exercise wherever you are. It’s far too easy to give yourself multiple excuses for not exercising, this takes away one of the main ones.

Skin Care
Please don’t forget to bring with you a small tube of high SPF sun cream and apply it whenever you’re exposed to the sun. That includes the beach, going to the markets or simply just walking around. Global temperatures in the summer are increasing and it’s not unusual for temperatures to hit the high 30’s/40’s in usually cooler cities.

Media Free
Whether you are traveling for leisure or work, try and disconnect from social media for a few hours in the day, it will help you to focus and truly enjoy the present time.

Sleep is as important as eating healthy. Ensure you sleep at least 7-8 hours a day to avoid fatigue and to allow your body to recover from any physical exercise taken. Remember, nothing that is bothering you will be resolved with you staying up all night thinking about it.

Summer Reading
A good read during the summer is a must and seems to have been forgotten with the advent of the constant stream of social media. Reading really assists in our ability to relax by unwinding and detaching ourselves for a little while in the day from our everyday concerns. Never mind that, with the right book, it’s also thoroughly enjoyable entertainment that we look forward to.

Back Home with an Empty Fridge
Summer has to end and we plan our return home. Brighten up your return by pre-ordering some Moni’s healthy options to fill your fridge, putting a smile on your face.

http://www.monishealthychoice.com/breakfast-range/ or call our Cafe on 02 4446990 to order from our Cafe menu http://www.monishealthychoice.com/monis-cafe/al-bandar/


Moni xx

As always please consult your medical and nutritional practitioner on any new dietary foods and drinks. Some people may suffer allergies to different foods ingredients and need to consult professionals on their dietary intake.