The tropical wonder

A favourite staple in Brazil, tapioca is served in different delicious dishes across the country. Tapioca is a starch extract derived from the cassava plant and is native to South America.

It has gained global popularity recently, because of its many health benefits and has been adopted by the vegan community as one of its staples. Nutritionally it contains iron, calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin B complex, vitamin K, folate, copper and also folic acid. In addition to being gluten free, with low levels of saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. If that is not enough, it also contains fiber that lead to healthier digestive systems, in addition to aiding the heart by removing excess cholesterol from the walls of our arteries and blood vessel.

The wonders of tapioca are endless, providing vegetarians with a real tasty and viable option that delivers multiple nutrients for their daily intake. It is one of those rare natural products that manages to combine many nutritional values, including protein and to serve it in really delicious ways.

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