Summer is over and the new school year is upon us. The holiday period has flown past and we now find ourselves adjusting our mindset and approach to our work/school/domestic routines. A big part of assessing our families new school year requirements are their nutritional and wellness needs. The greatest of tasks for any parent is how do we persuade our offspring to accept more nutritional and healthy food stuff, assisting them in making better choices for themselves and their bodies.

The formula for a better lifestyle does not allow for the inclusion of ‘junk’ and processed foods, there is little room for these product types in any healthy diet. The most appropriate wellness formula is simply the inclusion of the following assumptions:

1. Healthy & natural foodstuff
2. Regular exercise program
3. Sufficient sleep & rest
4. Reduction of stressful activities
5. Plenty of family love & affection

At Moni’s we understand that developing tasty products using the most nutritional and wholesome ingredients can play a big role in upping the wellness stakes for our families. Additionally you need to make every effort to rearrange your kitchen habits to allow for more home cooked meals, using the most nutritional ingredients available to you. Open up all the cupboards in your kitchen and survey all the products stored in them. Then identify healthier and fresh alternatives for processed, packaged and clearly nutritionally offending items. Try to stock up on more fresh fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, whole lean proteins such as fish, chicken and lean beef and eggs. lists some great healthy ideas for mealtimes, as well as those all-important sweet treats. We believe that the more we all work together to assist people in their quest for wellbeing, the more we can contribute to the betterment of our communities as a whole. Don’t forget to check out Moni’s great range of healthy snacks to help fill cupboards, fridges and school lunch bags.

Let Moni’s work with you on your families wellbeing, place your order online from the 10th September.

Have a wonderful new school year and welcome back to our beloved Emirates.

Moni, xx

Moni’s Healthy Choice LLC