After a reasonably wet and cool winter, the temperature is rising and we know the inevitable summer heat is just around the corner. There are some of us who embrace the heat and spend our weekends outdoors in and around water. But many of us hibernate indoors, in homes only venturing out to the malls. Both approaches are completely understandable differing human instincts to living in exceptionally hot climates. Here’s the thing, there is no reason why any choice we make should not work around an active and healthy routine.

The key to maintaining sustainable wellbeing is to plug into year round routines that are not impacted by the weather. Therefore relegating seasonal activity to the peripheries, focusing primarily on your scheduled routine. Cities in the UAE now boast a multitude of indoor cooled sporting and exercise facilities, ranging from the high end hotel clubs to the affordable inner city gyms that dot most urban neighborhoods. You’ve heard Moni’s say this many times, you have to couple physical activity and healthy nutrition in your lifestyle. Don’t dismiss routines as being mundane, developing a weekly schedule that incorporates both food and exercise is an essential part of wellbeing and a balanced lifestyle.

A mistake many of us make is to rush headlong into a fitness program that we found online, or that a friend told us about that is wholly inadequate to our unique physical capabilities. Developing a routine needs some professional assessment at the outset, 1 or 2 sessions with a trainer to allow you to identify what is appropriate for you. Then you just need to remain committed to your program, regardless of how busy you get or how low you feel. Remember, a good exercise session will impact you physically and mentally; better oxygen intake through your body will energise you, even providing clarity. Don’t please forget that a good night’s sleep is crucial to any successful exercise program.

Then comes Moni’s focus, your daily nutritional intake. Although Moni’s strongly believes that a healthy dietary approach is applicable all year round, there are some specific foodstuffs that can benefit you in hotter weather. Of course always eat well by avoiding processed food, drink water all day long, herbal teas included and make sure you get the right portion of vegetables and fruits, especially berries as they are full of antioxidants. Fruits and vegetables contain various quantities of water, being good hydrates in addition to containing important nutrients we need. Some goodness loaded produce to look out for this summer: Raspberries, passion fruit, peaches, courgettes, fava beans, watercress and radishes.

For Moni’s, nutrition is the foundation of our health and is as important as exercise. Our priority should always be to feed our body with wholesome and healthy food that nourishes you from the inside out. The food we eat impacts every part of our body, especially our organs in addition to our mental health. Always ask yourself: will this be good for me? Will I feel good after eating it? Will this provide me any nutrition?

Also don’t underestimate the health benefits of several hours of walking around the mall or physical water activities. Most importantly just enjoy your summer, be healthy and never allow anything to stop you from aspiring to live better.

Try these 2 of Moni’s favourite drinks this summer:

Green Juice

• 2 green apples
• handful of spinach
• handful of kale
• handful of parsley
• 3 celery sticks
• ½ lemon peeled
• piece of ginger

Place all the ingredients in your juicer.

Carrot Juice

• 3 carrots
• 1 large apple
• 2 celery sticks
• a piece of ginger
• ½ lemon peeled
• 1 tsp chia seeds

Place all the ingredients in your juicer and add the chia seeds before serving.