We’ve all heard it countless times, but it’s one of those facts that truly leads to a better quality of life. Every year new research identifies links with better health as we get older and the food we’ve consumed over our lifetime. Coupled with an exercise regime, our food intake either plays a key role in assisting our body to remain fit and healthy or, with the wrong choices, assists in its steady decline. It impacts every facet of our body, from our organ functions, energy and vitality to the complexion of our skin.

To some extent our dietary choices are ours to make, however we are impacted by our peers, society, family, convenience and availability of options. Moni learnt over many of years that our only real option is to configure our lifestyle towards what best impacts our body and that requires for us to make that choice.

Moni’s inspiration and passion for cooking came from watching and admiring her mother, who cooked fresh food daily for a family of eleven. She made everything from scratch, even going to the back of the house to pluck the fresh chickens she bought in the market. Every morning her kitchen was piled high with fresh produce and depending on the day meat, fish or chicken all picked in the market by Moni’s mother early that morning. She went on to create the tastiest dishes, without having to resort to a single cook book, set of scales or measure. Moni’s has, as much as time allows, attempted to provide her family with home cooked food that delivered the correct nutritional value while ensuring it was pleasing to the senses.

In today’s convenience driven world, we’ve become accustomed to pre-prepared, preserved food that has lost a lot of its nutrients and contains substances harmful to our body. In an all-consuming rush to deliver tasty long shelf-life food, industry has relied on destructive ingredients such as refined sugars, palm oil and an array of preservatives, colouring and artificial flavours. Our lives have become busier and more complex and we sometimes find it even more difficult to avoid pre-prepared and restaurant cooked food. It’s convenient, satisfies a short term desire and keeps everyone happy. However we critically need to identify our own unique path to changing our approach and focus our resources on home cooked food. The aim is to be able to rationally understand what ingredients work for us and how their preparation impacts the overall nutritional values. The UAE grocery market has developed tremendously over the past two decades and we are now afforded abundant options of fresh produce at different price points.

Moni believes strongly that only we can make those key choices that will allow us to live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.

Moni just wants you to make the right choices, with all the enjoyment and taste you deserve.