Hectic lives, busy schedules, not enough time in the day, there are numerous reasons why we just follow the line of least resistance when it comes to our food preparation and consumption. It’s far too simple for us to choose the easy, and sometimes cheaper, option of grabbing some fast food to cover our meal requirements. We also more frequently these days, with the aid of technology, resort to ordering in food from the vast array of outlets that Abu Dhabi now offers. Delivery specific companies are popping up everywhere, simplifying the whole process.

There is, for sure, a misconception that buying fresh food and preparing it is time consuming and complicated. The reality is that, in this day and age, technology has made purchasing groceries both simpler and hassle free. A simple app allows us to order our weekly needs and have them delivered at a time convenient to us. The selection of retailers who now offer this service allows us to ensure we receive the quality and cost we’re accustomed to when conventionally doing the shopping rounds on foot.

Then comes the preparation, a part of the process that causes a few out there to panic. If you’ve not had any background in food preparation growing up, then you just need to take a deep breath and start with simple tasks. Again the internet is a hive of information on how to prepare, cook and serve food covering every possible type and ethnic taste imaginable. Approach this as calmly as possible and don’t forget that the key is in constant practice. Don’t be discouraged by any cooking failures, there will be a few before you get to a point where you’re comfortable with your efforts. Try some of Moni’s recipes on www.monishealthychoice.com, healthy, tasty and simple to make.

Now for the main reason why we should all be applying greater effort to make home cooked food for our family and ourselves. In any pre-pared food products that you purchase from the market there will undoubtedly be some form of preservatives used to increase shelf life. These don’t necessarily have to be artificially produced preservatives, they can also include natural ingredients such as salt and sugar. In any event, the addition of substances with the sole aim of extending shelf life will lead to a loss of nutrients at the very least and could also in some cases prove to be harmful. There are few alternatives to meals that are prepared by you, in full knowledge of what ingredients have gone in and how they were prepared. I said there are a few alternatives out there and Moni’s is one of them. Moni’s whole ethos is to provide its customers with freshly prepared products using only the finest ingredients. We simply prepare our dishes using fresh produce, not frozen before or after. At Moni’s we understand that we compromise on shelf life and we do so gladly, replenishing our products at Souq Planet by Abela on a near daily basis. However, we truly believe that our formula of constant freshness is something that the market needs and deserves.

Whether you are our guest at Souq Planet or one of our delivery customers, we promise you that we will prepare our food for you as we do so for our own family.

Moni, xx