My fascination with “AYURVEDA”



Namaste Everyone

I’ve developed a healthy fascination on the Ayurveda lifestyle as I have been educating myself on it over the past 2 years and I am still learning. Its beauty is in its holistic approach to life, not following a strictly defined set of rules covering diets. It looks to connect your way of life to a physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. Your whole self-works within these different functions to guide you towards a more fulfilling, balanced and happy life, being at ease with yourself. You are able to truly appreciate all that you are and have, living each moment joyously. A comfortable routine covering meditation, yoga and especially me time is truly rewarding and connects you to the important things.

Looking after your physical self is also an important part of Ayurveda. Attending a recent seminar on the subject in London, I was especially captivated by the practical elements of Ayurveda. One particular talk was on the tongue scraper, the humble little device of oral hygiene. Suddenly my memory bank took me straight back to my childhood days and the copious amounts of sweets we unwittingly consumed. The dentist would never end a session before reminding us of the benefits of brushing your tongue.

Tongue scrapers have been part of Ayurvedic practice since the 17th century. More recently studies have shown that 80% of the bacteria on the tongue causes bad breath and the remaining 20% is from the stomach. Ayurvedic traditions believe that by removing this coating from your tongue , it will improve your ability to taste your food, increase your taste reception, avoid over eating and also eliminate the need to add more sugar, salt or spices to make your food more flavoursome. Remember that your mind is working off hunger and taste signals it receives from the receptors of your tongue. So, by removing the coating on your tongue that interferes with that connection is quite important. In Ayurveda, AMA is an accumulation of toxins residue on your tongue, it can cause bad eating, poor digestion and an imbalance in your gastrointestinal system (your GUT).

In modern life, we hardly have the time to eat proper meals at lunch or dinner. At the office we all probably eat from our desks while undertaking multiple tasks and pay little attention to the food we’re scoffing. And dinner times are now a balance between our food and our phones. Hectic schedules driven by technology that is rapidly monopolizing our time means that we are paying less attention to the important elements of our lives. Being more mindful at meal times you will realize that you will enjoy and eat the right food without overindulging.

Nothing is easier than using a tongue scraper. Simply hold the scraper on each side with your hands, stick your tongue out and guide the arch of the scraper to the back of your tongue. Slowly scrape forward a few times, rinsing the white mucus off the scraper each time. This ritual is better done first thing every morning when you wake up and its believed that the tongue coating you wake up with is a residue from toxins (AMA) that your body works to eliminate while you sleep. AMA is formed if your digestive system is weak or overloaded with the wrong food, aggravated when you eat them (processed and fried foods etc.). Maintaining bad eating habits will also lead to indigestion, our bodies like routine to keep us balanced.

Always remember, going against your own nature or falling out of harmony with natural law, will reflect in your digestion and create AMA.

Be mindful of yourself, love your body and live a better life.

Moni xx


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